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A&A Dental

Client Profile

A&A Dental is a dental group located on Commercial Drive in Vancouver that is committed to offering only the best service to their patients and their overall dental health.

Project Objectives

  • Create a website that is reflective of A&A Dental’s services
  • Promote that website through the latest search engine optimization tactics
  • Implement social media marketing to create brand awareness and gain patients

Web Design & Web Development

The web design for A&A Dental integrated the colours of their logo, with plenty of blue and white to instil a sense of comfort, trust and cleanliness. The website is fresh, airy and easy to navigate through, bringing fourth the most important information. Important tabs like the “Dental Treatments” offered, “Financing Options,” and “Contacts” information are located at the top of the page.

When it came to web development, it meant making the website responsive and mobile optimized. If a new patient searches or A&A Dental on Google on their mobile phone, the page needed to respond by loading quickly and most importantly, by being mobile optimized.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization helped push the newly created website towards the top of the search results. With the Google search of “Commercial Drive dentist,” A&A Dental comes to 5th in the organic search results. In addition, regularly updating the A&A blog with original content was another form of SEO fuel, as the articles included the most current and most searched for keywords on Google and within the Vancouver dental industry.

Social Media Marketing

Implementing social media tactics that helped create brand awareness was important when it came to helping A&A attain new clients. We did this through creating engaging and interesting content on the most popular social media platforms and by writing a blog (as mentioned previously).

Online Reputation Management

Reputation management was an important aspect of ensuring the City Dental brand was in good standing, had improved search results and was consistently evolving in a positive light. We did not do this by eliminating negative results or reviews, but rather, by creating a transparency that customers could trust. It is with transparency, open conversation and conflict resolution that good reputation is built and trust is gained.