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Back2Normal Physiotherapy

Client Profile

Back2Normal Physiotherapy is a friendly North Vancouver clinic specializing in physical therapy, custom orthotics, acupuncture, massage therapy, rehabilitation and injury-related treatments.

Project Objectives

  • Create a logo representative of the company
  • Design and develop a website that is aesthetically pleasing and responsive
  • Integrate SEO to push Back2Normal to the top of the Google search results

Logo Design

When designing the logo, we considered some of the main/signature services offered by Back2Normal which were physical therapy, rehabilitation and injury-related treatments. Incorporating these key aspects was how we arrived to our final “running” shape logo. It symbolizes vitality, health and wellness – exactly what we want the patient to associate with upon glancing at the logo.

Web Design & Development

Since the logo is predominantly black, we kept the website design simple in colour. It largely plays on white space to put the focus on the information as opposed to the web design. To add a pop of colour, we incorporated blue as it represents the medical industry, as well as sparks feelings of tranquility and vitality. Combined, all of these key design elements came together for a product that was clean, easy to navigate and placed the most important information in the most important spots.

When we developed the website, we decided the most important step was to make it mobile optimized. This ensured that any new patients searching for the website or needing directions on the go, could quickly and easily open the webpage on their mobile devices. It also meant that any returning patients could search for further information easily, should they need it.

Search Engine Optimization

Integrating the latest in search engine optimization techniques and technology put the website on page one with the simple search of “custom orthotics.” Which essentially means that if that particular keyword is searched, it is on page one of the Google organic search results without any sponsorships. And potential customer knows that the most relevant and successful businesses make their way to the first page.