Bellaggio Cafe

Client Profile

Bellaggio Cafe is an Italian restaurant that brings a playful and authentic Italian dining experience to the heart of Downtown Vancouver. It offers breakfast, brunch and dinner ranging from pizzas to pastas.

Project Objectives

  • Develop a website that is reflective of the Bellaggio brand

People are often out and about running daily errands or commuting to and from work while searching for restaurants to dine in on their mobile devices – this is where optimization came in. Implementing the latest development techniques to ensure the website functioned on every device and every browser. Mobile users all have different needs so mobile optimization to match the user’s need and behaviour to how they experience the website is vital. Going from point A to point B must be quick, efficient and simple with the most searched for and important information being easily accessible.

For Bellaggio Cafe, we made sure the website was optimized for mobile, tablet and laptop as the responsiveness of the website was of utmost importance. A browser needs to be able to quickly pull important information in order for the website to open fast, and function fast.