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Contractor Town

Client Profile

Contractor Town is an online platform that connects people to the best local contractors. Once a job posting is public, Contractor Town alerts relevant contractors with your posting and those interested, get in contact.

Project Objectives

  • Create an eye-catching, bold website that draws in customers

By using a large, colourful image and integrating it into the homepage, we were able to create an eye-catching design upon first glance. Plenty of bright and vibrant colour with smart use of white space work together in harmony and balance. Our goal was to catch the attention of online visitors right away, upon first glance by incorporating maximum visuals and minimal text.

Important tabs like are brightly, boldly coloured and placed in clear view to create impact.

Lastly, as Contractor Town is a directory, it was a must for the website to be mobile optimized, responsive and have fast loading times. The menu is located at the top in clear view, and allows for easy navigation.