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Downtown Health & Physiotherapy

Client Profile

Downtown Health & Physiotherapy

Project Objectives

  • Create a logo that accurately represents the company
  • Design and develop an aesthetically pleasing website that is simple to navigate

Logo Design

When creating the logo, our goal was to first establish the general feelings we wanted to convey – which were feelings of comfort, peace and wellness. Then, we started playing around with shapes which lead us to settling on a logo that we felt accurately represented what the company does. The free-flowing shape creates a sense of freedom and flexibility, conveying exactly what physiotherapy does!
When it came to colour, picking green was a no-brainer. Green is both a colour of the medical industry, and a colour that symbolizes life and vitality. It is everywhere, from our forests and meals to the plants in our homes. It is the colour we associate with balance, health, youthfulness and most importantly, pogress. A patient takes steps towards improving their own health by getting physiotherapy. That is a progress leading to a balanced body and a healthy mind.

Our final result was a logo that stands easily on its own without accompanying text, and is quickly identifiable to patients.

Web Design & Development

When designing the website, it was important for it to have continuity and flow. Using green was an important aspect of making that happen as it incorporated the logo. One of the key things we did, however, was play on white/empty space. This created freshness, and put the focus on the information provided rather than any potential tech-specs. It also made it a site that was pleasant on the eyes, even if a significant amount of time was spent on it.

Developing it meant making it responsive and fast. With high quality images that did not slow down the loading speed. We also made it mobile optimized, so any patients looking for information on the go could efficiently and easily visit the website with minimal hiccups.