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Company Profile

eChipin is a new concept in online auctions, allowing consumers to participate in any auction offered and win any item for just one dollar.

This was an entirely new business that was down to its bare bones and needed marketing, branding and design from the bottom up. It gave us room to creatively explore which options would work well in the auction-business niche, as well as in terms of social media marketing.

Project Objectives

  • Develop a brand strategy that is consistent, unique and reflective of eChipin’s mission
  • Implement various social media marketing techniques that are engaging and unique to the business
  • Contact product review websites

Branding & Design

For eChipin, we had to come up with a brand strategy that encompassed everything the company stood for. This meant creating a lasting feeling with the audience to keep them coming back. We did this by using an out of the box approach when committing to visual branding. eChipin needed a look that was flexible and adaptable to the constantly-changing market, but also unique enough to set it apart from its competitors.

We chose a design that was rather monochromatic with various tones of grey and white, but worked by exciting the eye through pops of colour; in this case, red. This was optimal as it left a lasting impression on the customers, but was easy to refresh amidst market changes.

Web Development

One of the most unique aspects of the eChipin website is that it is fully coded from scratch using PHP code. Coding from scratch meant not being confined by the limitations of a template, especially for something as comprehensive and detail-oriented as an auctioning website.

Display Advertising

To take the branding and advertising to the next level, we implemented display advertising, as well as banner ads that informed the public about the new eChipin auction system. This was a great tactic that allowed us to place the information right in front of the consumer.

Social Media Marketing

In terms of social media marketing, we used sponsored posts on Facebook and Twitter to promote eChipin and inform online users of the up and coming concept. We needed to cover as much ground as possible, and get this information to as many people as possible – social media is always one of the best ways to do that.

Public Relations

By contacting review websites, we were able to get eChipIn reviews and articles that outlined the new auctioning concept. This put eChipIn on the radar of many popular product review websites.