Funtractive Entertainment

Client Profile

Funtractive Entertainment is a game development company with a focus on creating innovative and challenging mobile app games.

Project Objectives

  • Create marketing plans tailored uniquely to every game

Our collaborations with Funtractive Entertainment have included games like: Jungle Riot, Death Race, Street Madness and Tourball. Funtractive’s games range from puzzles, to thrilling car races.

We tailor our marketing plans to uniquely suit every game and its target audience and demographic. This is vital in creating a successful and viral reaction out of the social media audience. We do this by creating posts that cater to the current trending topics and hashtags in order to quickly gain popularity.

How Street Madness Went Viral

Developing brand awareness for this game was important, as it would generate downloads and word-of-mouth marketing through paid posts on Facebook.

Our sponsored posts ranged from original and funny memes made by Geeky Marketing, as well as Street Madness trailer videos created by Funtractive Entertainment that showed the game in action. The meme posts went viral, generating over 90,000 likes total for two posts and over 8 million in reach for only 6 posts. This chain-reaction resulted in the Street Madness Facebook page acquiring over 5,000 likes in 2 days.

The aforementioned viral result of our social media marketing, resulted in over 14,000 Google Play downloads for Android and over 2,000 App Store downloads for Apple. We promoted Street Madness to 24 of the highest paying countries in the world, and the ones which most participate in the gaming culture.

Through Street Madness’ success, we learned how the target audience responds to particular posts whether they be image or video, and how we could improve upon the content we were sharing.