International House of Caviar


Client Profile

The International House of Caviar (IHOC) was established in 1997, and is the leading caviar supplier to the Hospitality Industry and to Private Clients across Canada. All of IHOC’s products are sourced from reputable firms, which follow national and international sustainability standards. Some of the caviars IHOC offers include: Beluga Sturgeon, Osetra Sturgeon, and Siberian Sturgeon Caviar.

We were able to get IHOC second in the organic search results on the first page, with successful integration of national (Canada-wide) SEO.

Project Objectives

  • Develop national search engine optimization (SEO) that will drive traffic to the website, and push it to the top of the organic search results
  • Run the IHOC blog with the most relevant and popular keywords to further aid SEO
  • Increase online sales through the aforementioned objectives

Optimizing the Most Relevant Keywords for Successful SEO

SEO starts with research. First, we examined the website’s content by performing an SEO audit in order to further the content development through relevant keyword integration – this gave us vital information in terms of what the website was lacking technically, and in terms of usability. This audit then allowed our experts to use the attained analytics and move the website to the top of the search results with great success.

Cultivating a Relationship with the Customer Through an Informative Blog

Developing a blog isn’t as easy as it sounds. A successful blog is entertaining, fun, informative and educational all at the same time. It must attract the customer back time and time again and inform them of the latest products, promotions and offers, while remaining a light and easy read. Successful blog posts contain the most current and relevant keywords to the clients’ industry, in order to not only push them to the top of the search results, but also attract clicks and sales. We achieved all of this through consistent blog posts, keyword research and entertaining topics.

Increasing Sales Through Digital Optimization

This was a project that proved that when partnered with blogging, SEO creates a seamless connection to the consumer, resulting in increased clicks and sales. The blog continues to give the company a sense of transparency, product knowledge and most importantly, results.