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Client Profile

KeeKojaa is an Iranian business directory containing top local search, media and advertising services that connect the community to Iranian businesses, product and services. It is a mobile platform that will allow millions of Iranians to find the products and services they need at any time. They can catch up on news, articles, interviews and events that are happening within the community.

Project Objectives

  • Develop an app that is fast, functional and user friendly
  • Create a design that is aesthetically pleasing
  • Create a home-base directory for users that offers everything they need

Developing an App That Appeals to Every User

When developing this mobile app, ease of use was of utmost importance. It needed to be simple  to use in order to reach a large demographic, and provide various types of information. It will essentially be “the one stop shop” for Iranians.

Marketing Tactics That Work

Due to the fact that 70% of users use their mobile phones to look for services, products, and business listings, we needed to come up with a way to market local Iranian businesses within the app. Depending on your search and current location, KeeKojaa finds businesses closest to you. These businesses can pay a small listing fee in order to be listed, found, and contacted by the user. This revolutionary directory system allows for a bringing together of community and room for company growth not just for KeeKojaa, but for the listed businesses as well.

Combining the Modern with the Classic

We combined modern-day technology that integrated location-based use, maps and tags, with the convenience and simplicity of a classic phonebook. It allows people to search for a desired product or service via an easy and convenient search algorithm. The businesses are listed and can be searched based on category, location, distance, and current coupons or promotions.

Timeless Design

The keyword for this project was “timeless.” Timeless aesthetics. Timeless graphics. Timeless colours. The icons and symbols throughout the app are universally recognizable and flow into the rest of the app design. The neutral, monochromatic tones are easy on the eyes (especially for prolonged use), and help to bring out only the most important information.

With this project, we simply took a classic and trusted tool, and enhanced it for modern-day use.