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Shanai Enterprise

Client Profile

Shanai Enterprise Inc is a premier electrical company specializing in commercial, industrial and high-end electrical services for big-name hotels, retailers, companies and agencies. Some of their notable projects include the Shangri-La and Fairmont hotels, Vancouver Shaw Tower, Zara, and Guess.

Project Objectives

  • Design and develop a website that would accurately represent the vision, mission and services of the company

Our first goal in designing the website was figuring out the feelings we wanted the website to emulate. This lead us to incorporating the yellow of the branding into the website in a bold and eye-catching way. The main tones we chose were yellow and a dark graphite blue to create an immersive online user experience that symbolizes a lit night scene. We wanted the website to really play on the fact that this company offers electrical services through the use of the colours we chose. The main focus on the home page displays high quality images of their most notable projects to get potential clients excited about our capabilities and expertise.

Of course when it came to development, our focus was building the website to be fast, responsive and mobile optimized.