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UBC Persian Club

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    UBC Persian Club

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    Web Design, Web Development

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Client Profile

The UBC Persian Club is a non profit organization at the University of British Columbia that acts as a social hub for Iranian students. It helps to unite and nurture members of the Iranian community in Vancouver through the common interest of Iranian culture.

Project Objectives

  • Design and develop a website that is reflective of the UBC Persian Club mission and vision

Design & Development

The design uses the two main colours of aqua blue and yellow, which are representative of the logo. We opted for a simple look that was clean, and visually pleasing to the eye. One of the most important aspects in the design was having visual hierarchy; this allowed the eyes to rest on the most important part of the page – the menu bar. As you scroll past the menu bar, the colour palette stays true to the logo and reminder of the site, but graduates to white space with pops of colour to allow for a convenient and clear user experience.

When it came to development, we developed a website that was responsive and optimized for all digital platforms, including tablet and mobile. This was of prime importance as students are mainly on their phones throughout the day, and making the transition from mobile to computer or tablet needed to be fast, smooth and responsive. When the browser doesn’t have to work as hard to open the website or browse within it, the user is more likely to come back regularly.