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This past March, Geeky Marketing’s Executive Director Farhad Mehrabi was a guest speaker at the Gastown Business College, speaking about why it’s essential to complete a practicum in your area of study.

His focus was to educate students on how getting your foot in the door via practicum is a great way to network with people in your industry, learn insider tips, and learn from experts who have built careers in the particular position you are striving to one day attain.

“A practicum is the best way to take the knowledge from the classroom and apply it to the real world. Practicum students will be able to participate in the entire process of building marketing campaigns, learning how to write SEO-optimized blogs, participate in collaborative brain-storming meetings and create unique social media posts.” Says Farhad.

At Geeky Marketing, a marketing agency Vancouver students can expect to be accepted for practicums ranging from marketing, graphic design, and development depending on the season’s open spots and availability.

He also went into detail about what makes a great resume, as well as what is expected during an interview and the practicum as a whole. It is important for students, or interviewees in general, to research the companies they are applying for, and know their culture. Every company has a different culture, and you have an advantage if you display your knowledge of the workplace, and show that you are a good fit. One of the first things employers notice about an applying candidate is whether or not they are a good fit for the company.

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marketing agency Vancouver

marketing agency Vancouver


Marketing agency Vancouver

Marketing Agency Vancouver