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Company Profile

Aria Pacific Development provides the experience needed to build architecturally sound, innovative and beautiful homes in Vancouver.

Project Objectives

  • Brand Aria Pacific and create a logo that communicates luxury, high-end development
  • Create a logo that speaks with meaning
  • Develop cohesive website, and a minimally branded look

Branding with a story

When branding Aria Development, we wanted to reflect the scope of the work they do – high-end, luxury development in Vancouver’s most expensive and exclusive neighbourhoods. The colours and visual elements we used needed to effectively communicate that.

A meaningful logo

When creating the logo, we wanted to show the basic elements of a building, with top elements angled upwards to show the lines of a soaring roof, growth and success.

The golden tones are reminiscent of high quality, sophistication and value – all qualities that are threaded intricately throughout Aria Pacific’s message.

Design that speaks volumes, with minimalism

The website we created for Aria Development is minimal, and communicates luxury to the visitor. We created the user experience on the website to be navigationally simple, with large images showing the wide scope of their past and current projects. The black and gold tones depict luxury, exclusivity and the unmatched quality they are known for.

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