Geeky Marketing , Marketing Services Vancouver

Client Profile

Arion Skin Laser is an aesthetic laser centre that offers laser hair removal using the latest technology, body slimming, anti-cellulite and high quality skin care treatments in Vancouver.

Project Objectives

  • Social media marketing to raise brand awareness
  • SEO for visibility in search results

Social Media Marketing

By posting regular, consistent and demographic-specific content, we were able to create an online space on Facebook and Instagram that directly reflected the Arion Skin Laser vision and mission. On these platforms, we ran sponsored and targeted ad-campaigns to followers and potential customers to gain the highest amount of reach possible. This massively helped in getting the word out about new deals, promotions and coupon codes offered by Arion for their services.

Part of our social media marketing plan for Arion Skin Laser was to source out local contests and competitors happening within the beauty and skin care industry. The outcome of this project was in 2016, when Arion Skin Laser voted as the top cosmetic clinic in Vancouver and won the Top Choice Award that recognized their excellence within the industry. This greatly contributed to more sales and positive reviews.

Blogging & Search Engine Optimization

Running a blog for the Arion Skin Laser projects was one of Geeky’s bigger tasks. A blog was the perfect way to fuel SEO to the website through a means of providing fun and informative content, while using the most relevant keywords that customers search most often. Consistently updating the blog helped our SEO and worked with it to bring Arion to towards the top of the search results.