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Company Profile

Avantera Development is a residential property development company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, focusing on the district municipality of West Vancouver.

Avantera’s design and investment principles directly reflect our vision for the property we develop. Our out-of-the-box approach creates a story of beautiful design solutions and smart financial planning that adapts to Vancouver’s ever-changing market.


Project Objectives

  • Create a name that reflects Avantera’s vision and business objectives
  • Create a brand that encompasses Avantera’s unique approach
  • Promote awareness and knowledge of Avantera’s services to the right demographic


Ensuring the name reflects the objective

Avantera came to be from the combination of “avante garde” and “era.”

Avante Garde is defined by “innovative” and “original.” Bringing together “avante” with “era” lead us to combining their definitions in a way that was meaningful to the brand. Avantera is developing innovative and luxurious property for the modern era that is in a league of its own. This meant a coming up with a name that created a sense of trust, quality and forward-thinking.


Building a timeless brand with a current brand strategy

To mirror the image that the name itself emanates, we built a strong brand that was clean and simple in aesthetic appeal. It is well rounded and all of the various elements marry together in a way that draws in Avantera’s demographic. Monochrome tones and clean lines create the feeling of luxury, high quality and modernism across all branding platforms from website and logo, to signage and business cards.


Going from digital to physical media

Taking branding to the next level is one of the most important aspects of marketing as a whole, and this requires creativity. How did we do this? We created a sign that would go up for display in front of each property Avantera develops. This sign is screwed onto a previously mounted base in the ground, and simply removed following project completion. This system allows for easy installation and transport.

The custom sign uses a lot of the colours, tones, textures and elements from the materials used in projects, while remaining cohesive and connected. Glass, metal and wood seamlessly work together to create a visual aid, displaying everything that Avantera represents in one glance. It is a way for passers-by to not only gain information about the company carrying out the development project, but also gain perspective about the service and aesthetic the company provides.

Project Avantera provided a seamless, effortless and modern approach that will be a catalyst for the way other companies brand their image within the development industry.