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Company Profile

Ayoub’s Dried Fruits & Nuts is an independent company with 5 locations throughout the Lower Mainland, offering the freshest dried fruits and nuts of the highest quality. They source and provide a variety of authentic products that create a unique cultural experience.

The marketing for Ayoub’s Dried Fruits & Nuts had to be unique – just like their image. We utilized the most popular social media platforms in order to bring their brand to life and educate their customers on products, offers, promotions and recipes.


Project Objectives

  • Create a unique social media marketing experience through creative and original content
  • Public relations (PR) to connect and introduce bloggers and newspapers to Ayoub’s products
  • Increase sales and exposure by creating fun contests and competitions


A Fresh and Colourful Social Media Experience

By fully utilizing Facebook and Instagram, we were able to draw more attention to the company and gain followers. We created a visually and aesthetically pleasing feed that drew in the audience through eye-popping colour, text and hashtags. Call-to-action words were key in our marketing tactics, as they inspired Ayoub’s customers to visit the shop, try out the product in various different ways and share their experience on social media!


Connecting to the Most Important in the Industry

Our public relations (PR) services provided connections to important food bloggers, The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation, and local magazines and newspapers.


Initiatives that Inspire Fun for All Ages

Because who wouldn’t enjoy a spinning prize wheel? This was a creative way to draw walking traffic into the store in the area.