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Coogobox is a revolutionary online platform that helps product designers bring their imaginations and ideas to life. Coogobox has the essential tools, expertise, and connection required to manufacture and sell great ideas.

How it works, is that after product designers submit their greatest ideas, Coogobox chooses their favourite after delicate consideration, manufactures the product and sells it through their retail partners as well as their online shop.


Project Objectives

  • Develop a thorough business and marketing plan to shape Coogobox as a brand
  • Ensure the branding and web design reflects the sleek Coogobox look
  • Implement social media marketing tactics that will engage online users


Planning the Process

We developed a thorough business plan and marketing plan to ensure every bit of the process was strategically programmed.


Branding & Design

For the branding and design of Coogobox, we went with a sleek and modern, monochromatic look. This was important as it was reflective not only of the Coogobox concept, but to allow for flexibility. For a company that takes ideas and turns them into reality, the branding needed to be able to adapt to a changing marketplace, as it was the foundation for entrepreneurs and creators to submit their ideas. This meant a design that lacked



It was important to implement social media marketing tactics that engaged users and urged them to further look into this new platform and submit ideas of their own. We used engaging sponsored posts to catch the attention of online users, and spark their interest. Things like display advertising really took the marketing to the next level as it generated clicks, brand awareness and sales.

Another unique step we took was implementing blogging on websites like Tumblr, StumbleUpon to get people learning more about Coogobox, and inspire brand awareness. Since traffic on these websites is very high, it was a great way to reach many people through platforms that hold a very unique type of media and demographic.

Integrating Google Adwords was one of the most important steps in ensuring traffic was driven to the site through paid advertising. It helped to generate triple the product sales as well as get the website to the top of the Google search results with the specified keywords.