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Company Profile

Tapsnap is a company offering interactive photo booths where guests can pose for pictures, and use a touchscreen to drag and drop digital props, backgrounds, write messages and add filters. Guests’ creative and unique photos can then be shared to social media or instantly printed!

Project Objectives

  • Design and develop a website that will inform visitors of Tapsnap’s services with ease
  • Complete full SEO in order to increase company awareness in search engines

A Website with Purpose

We designed and developed Tapsnap’s website to be simple for visitors of all ages and capabilities to be able to easily find their way around, and find the information they are looking for. It also provides an interactive element which is meant to reflect the nature of Tapsnap’s objective of social engagement.

Smart SEO

SEO, otherwise known as search engine optimization, is meant to increase a company’s presence in search engines, drive traffic, grow visibility in organic search engine results, and improve rankings.

For Tapsnap, this was done by on-page national (Canada-wide) and international (USA) SEO in order to positively affect their online visibility.