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Company Profile

ILYA Development provides a complete home-building package to clients in building, renovation and consultation. They offer full and partial renovations, consultations in investment and construction management, and single-family house construction. They have been giving clients the opportunity to build and live in their dream homes since 2006 through modern, effortless and contemporary development.


Project Objectives

  • Create a logo with a strong identity that will reflect Ilya Development’s bold creative approach
  • Develop branding that will help people associate Ilya Development with strength and quality
  • Build a website that makes it easy for visitors to view their projects and get in touch
  • Create physical signage to display in front of Ilya’s construction sites to inform passers-by of their current projects


A Strong Logo

Our goal was to create a logo that emulated the strong and bold creative approach that Ilya development applies to each and every project they take on. They stand tall in their ideas and execute them effortlessly, with passion and a dedication to creating dream homes for people in Vancouver.

The logo is bold, tall, and strong with lines with modern, sleek lines that draw the eye upwards, in the same way Ilya Development builds its homes in the sky scraping hills of West and North Vancouver.


Brand Identity with a Purpose

The brand identity required muted tones to represent the materials most often seen in Ilya Development’s projects. Black, gold and white are common themes weaved through the home interiors of Ilya’s Development’s projects. Gold, warm woods, and sleek white finishes.


A Website with Simplicity

Ilya Development’s website needed to be very simple to navigate, allowing visitors to quickly access their portfolio to see previous and current projects, as well as get in touch with the team with ease. Using the aforementioned colour palette, we created an online space that provides the most important information in an easy-to-access manner for users of all capability.


Impactful Signage 

The star project of Ilya Development is the physical signage, build to stand outdoors in front of every one of their development projects. With (list materials) and (holiogram?), this signage is impactful, and effortlessly and actively increases brand awareness.

Built to directly mirror the logo, we wanted to bring conventionally digital media to life, and make something as simple as signage into an engaging and informative physical sculpture.