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Client Profile

Impresa Construction is a top-rated residential home construction and remodelling company in greater Vancouver, British Columbia. They pride themselves on their exceptional level of skill, transparency and professionalism.

Project Objectives

  • Develop a brand for Impresa that directly reflects their mission, vision and company goals
  • Design and develop a website that coincides with their brand seamlessly

We branded Impresa in a way that was simple yet sophisticated enough for it be flexible in allowing changes in design trends or various technological advancements. The internet and everything within it is constantly changing and evolving, which is vitally important to take into consideration when branding a development company as development, is never static (as the name itself describes). Development moves, grows and adapts to its surrounding environment and technological era just as the web does. Having analyzed this, the final design was incredibly clean and refined, mirroring Impresa’s design visions and concepts.

Developing this website meant creating a space that showcased all of Impresa’s projects in a clear, responsive and easy to follow manner. Large photos, whites and dark greys make this website easy to navigate for clients and visitors alike. In addition, implementing mobile optimization for quick and easy browsing was vital as most users visit from their smart phones or tablets.

Simplicity is key.