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Company Profile

Kenchikuya is a construction and concrete forming company that focuses on residential single family homes, with more than 10 years of experience in the industry. We deliver high-performance concrete formwork for small residential projects to clients in Vancouver and the North Shore.


Project Objectives

– Create a logo that reflects Kenchikuya’s Japanese roots and creative vision

– Build a brand and website that emulates Kenchikuya’s simple, yet high-standard approach to development


A Logo with Culture

The Kenchikuya logo grew from the objective of wanting to bring fourth and incorporate Japanese culture into the design in order to build a strong identity.

The typeface was created organically by hand, with paper, ink and a brush. The natural, freeform brush strokes are reminiscent of traditional Japanese calligraphy and communicate the high-end workmanship of the business.


A Timeless Brand with a Strong Identity

Strong identities can oftentimes be associated with current trends and fads within their corresponding industries, or across the map. With Kenchikuya, it was important to create a brand that was timeless while communicating its message effectively to the current development industry generation. This meant using a simple and minimal combination of colours in order to make Kenchikuya’s presence unique to them, and thread that into the website for an easy user experience.