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Company Profile

Leonidas is a luxury Belgian Chocolate brand producing handmade chocolates of the highest quality at reasonable prices, and was established in 1913 in Brussels.

As Leonidas was bringing their business to British Columbia, Vancouver, they reached out to Geeky Marketing to help create brand awareness and bring attention to their company. What we got in the end was a marketing plan that reflected the Leonidas brand and created buzz surrounding their coming to Vancouver

Project Objectives

  • Bring awareness and sales to the company through social media marketing
  • Use our extensive industry connections (PR) to connect Leonidas to popular foodie influencers
  • Increase website traffic through Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Bringing Awareness

Using social media marketing to attract a larger volume of sales to Leonidas was a great tactic that helped set the groundwork for their introduction to Vancouver’s scene. Leonidas wanted Geeky to bring modern awareness to their age-old company – a veteran in the Chocolate world.

Another project was producing a campaign for a hot chocolate festival – the result of this was a high volume of attendees and even higher turnover. It brought marketing from digital to physical, real world interaction that created conversation and brand awareness.

Reaching Out to Influencers

By reaching out to food bloggers, we were able to extend Leonidas’ consumer base and extend their exposure to a global audience. Through this, they were able to get not only reviews, but exposure to thousands upon thousands of potential customers.

Increasing Website Traffic

By using the most relevant, current and industry-unique keywords, we were able to use Google Adwords to pull traffic towards the site. This, in turn, positively impacted Leonidas’ sales and clicks.