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Client Profile

Mahoot Management is a private real estate fund management and advisory business specialising in greater Vancouver property investment, development and asset management.

Project Objectives

  • Design and develop a website that is responsive and reflective of Mahoot Management’s industry excellence

When designing the website, we decided to use graphite greys and deep blues to represent the company’s experience and high service quality. When you see dark monochrome colours, you automatically think of professionalism and wisdom, especially within the world of business and real estate investment. A potential property investor must trust that the company they work with is reputable and experienced, and luckily, web design can do just that with the simple use of colour.

Our team chose for the overall design to be clean and simple, as a company of this degree and within this industry needed a timeless hierarchy. Their business principles are clearly listed under their “seven core strengths” on the homepage, allowing the visitor to instantly have the opportunity to learn more about what makes this real estate investment company distinguished from its competitors.

Development-wise, the website required mobile optimization and a level of responsiveness that made it easy for online visitors and potential investors to get to the most important information right away. This also tied into creating written content that appealed to investors and showcased the transparency and expertise of Mahoot Management.