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Client Profile

Max Amini is one of the most popular Iranian-American comedians in the stand-up comedy industry. He has a strong social media presence with his YouTube channel garnering over 10 million in views and 60,000 subscribers.


Project Objectives

  • Use public relations to reach various media outlets and expand Max’s audience
  • Garner a loyal audience through social media marketing to be turned into direct business
  • Cross promote with other successful comedians in Vancouver


Creating a Connection that Matters

By contacting local university Persian clubs, we were able to promote Max’s show. In addition, we spoke to the biggest local newspapers and magazines, and got him featured in Vanity Buzz’s latest issue to promote his show.


From Online Audience to Direct Business

The first step to furthering Max Amini as a ‘business’ was garnering a loyal online audience. We did this through sponsored posts, campaigns, contests and promotions. In the contest, the audience had the chance to win a Hover Board, and VIP tickets to his show at the Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver. In the social media marketing world, once a loyal audience has been established, every follower and user can be turned into a customer and buyer.


Cross Promotion to Raise Interest

The cross promotion with one of Vancouver’s most popular comedians, Peter Chao, was an important stepping stone to expanding Max’s audience. Peter Chao has over 800,000 subscribers on YouTube and has a large Vancouver audience, as well as international.