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Client Profile

NDH Development is a home building and renovation company that specializes in constructing single and multi-family homes. They have over 30 years of experience and service Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Project Objectives

  • Create a logo that represents the NDH Development vision and mission
  • Design and develop a website that is functional, responsive and reflective of the work they do

The Logo

Developing the logo required us to incorporate the main element that represented them most – the high quality homes they develop. This was subtly incorporated above “NDH” using 2 simple lines that represent a roof. The logo is incredibly clean and therefore flexible to any changes or developments in their business, as well as timeless as it does not adhere to any particular current design fad.

Designing & Developing the Website

To go with the logo, the website design was just as clean, simple and minimal. This allowed the company’s work to shine through, rather than the focus being on any extra design functions to overwhelm the site. The information is conveyed clearly, with the tabs being easy to spot and navigate. The large photos on display on the home page give an incredible sense of space, and an idea of NDH’s completed projects and experience.