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Company Profile

Northshore Endodontic Centre is an endodontic specialist clinic owned and operated by Dr. Houman Abtin BDS, MSc, Dip, Endo., FRCD(C), who is a member of the Diplomate Board of Endodontics.

The clinic is dedicated to providing the highest quality affordable dental care and preventative care with the belief that everyone should have their own healthy teeth for a lifetime.

Project Objectives

  • Design and develop a website catered to the medical industry and NEC’s target audience

When designing and developing the Northshore Endodontic Centre website, there were a number of things we had to take into consideration. This included a separate section for dentists which contained referral forms, case assessments, links of interest and many more resources and important documents. It had to speak the language of both professionals within the industry, as well as returning clients and new guests.

The functionality of the website is clean, well organized, and built to have a functionality that is seamless as you navigate from tab to tab. This was important in order to create a meaningful user experience that spoke to each individual and the way they perceive the website.

When branding the website, we chose a light green colour, as light greens, blues and lavenders are all trustworthy colours that indicate good health. When combined with plenty of white and negative space, the light green creates a friendly, breathable and sanitary atmosphere – exactly the feelings and perceptions that should arise when on entering a medical website.