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Company Profile

North Shore Medical Imaging provides the highest quality medical imaging services to referring doctors and patients on the North Shore, owned and operated by a caring team of radiologists and certified technicians.

Project Objectives

Create a website catered to NSMI’s target audience within the medical industry

Prioritizing functionality and branding

Creating an informative and resourceful website for NSMI’s target audience was our top priority. We created a simply designed website where visitors could find the information they are looking for like services offered, individual doctor contact information, useful links, and the option to fill out a booking form online. In addition, oftentimes, users are predominantly searching for medical clinics on their mobile phones, rather than on desktop, so the website was made to be a pleasant experience fully responsive to mobile.

Implementing the light blue colour seen throughout the website was important as light blues, greens and lavenders are all colours associated with good health. In addition, incorporating negative space and white creates a feeling of pristine brightness, breathability and hygiene.