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Company Profile

Paad Wellness Wellness + Dermesthetics is a beauty clinic who’s sole focus is green beauty. They use effective and safe treatments that improve the body’s natural physiology and tissue quality, without the use of invasive treatments or chemicals.


Project Objectives

  • Website design that genuinely represents their brand and dedication to green beauty
  • Social media marketing that builds online presence and engagement
  • Marketing that spans across all social media platforms and print media
  • Local SEO to drive traffic to increase search engine ranking and drive traffic


Responsive, airy website design 

The website was built and designed to reflect Paad Wellness’s green beauty approach to health, wellness and beauty. Keeping in theme with the logo, we incorporated the colour palette throughout the website to give it a fresh, airy and serene feeling – how you feel when you enter their clinic.


Cohesive and informative social media marketing

With Paad Wellness’s social media marketing, keeping theme with the branding and creating a story was important. Social media is all about telling a brand story through a cohesive and carefully planned way. We were especially attentive to keeping colours and posts connected by a thread of common colours, subject matter, and information that all relate back to the Paad Wellness branding.


Consistent and targeted marketing

Marketing for this client included tailoring content to their target demographic and ensuring all of the materials we created spoke in their language. We worked with various mediums from print media for flyers to promote their newest discounts and offers, to email marketing to spread the word about an upcoming event or new procedure.


Local SEO to drive traffic 

Our on-page SEO strategy was specifically tailored to Paad Wellness for local SEO, focusing on Vancouver and the surrounding areas.