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Client Profile

Physiomed Vancouver is a branch of the Physiomed chiropractic franchise dedicated to combining various rehabilitative treatments with proactive clinical conditioning.

Project Objectives

  • Design and develop a website that is responsive and reflects the Physiomed brand
  • Integrate search engine optimization to acquire more clicks and sales
  • Handle social media accounts and create fun and engaging content
  • Integrate Google AdWords into the marketing plan for successful PPC Advertising

Design & Development

We designed the Physiomed Vancouver website to have continuity and flow with the official Physiomed website. It stays true to the general design aesthetic and blue colour used. The most important aspect in design and development was making sure the website was responsive, mobile optimized and easy for customers to navigate.

Search Engine Optimization

By integrating search engine optimization, we were able to bump them to the first page on the Google organic search results. SEO is vital when it comes to attracting new customers, attaining more website clicks and boosting sales.

Google AdWords

By integrating Google AdWords into the marketing plan for Physiomed Vancouver, we were able to use pay-per-click advertising to boost website clicks and in turn, boost sales. This, in turn, allowed them to attract more clientele and advertise locally by reaching the right people, at the right time.

Social Media Marketing

When it came to social media, we made sure Physiomed Vancouver was registered with the most popular and relevant social media platforms on the web; after which was followed by content creation. We regularly come up with engaging and interesting content to attract new customers with fun posts, campaigns and promotions. This keeps Physiomed Vancouver relevant, popular and fresh within their industry. Always on top.