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Client Profile

Scavolini is a European kitchen, bathroom and furniture manufacturer established in 1961 in Pesaro, Italy. They offer a multitude of high quality products and unique styles that allow for seamless, affordable design in any space.


Project Objectives

  • Implement full-service social media marketing to build brand awareness
  • Integrate search engine optimization (SEO) to boost clicks and sales


Social Media Marketing

Implementing a full-service social media marketing plan for Scavolini was important in order to build brand awareness. We did this through consistent and engaging content on Instagram and Facebook that stimulated social engagement, shares and likes. This also kept customers and followers up to date on new products, promotions and changes.

Another platform that we used to help Scavolini create an online voice was Houzz as it allowed customers to leave reviews and inquire to work with them. It allowed us to post about their previously completed projects and provided the space for similar companies to interact.

Our carefully targeted campaigns were specifically intended to spark the interest of Scavolini’s demographic consisting of experts ranging from developers, developing companies and interior designers to contractors and other professionals within the industry. Home owners were another target as many do-it-yourself-ers and hobbyists regularly look to spruce up their spaces with high quality products.

Finding the suited exposition to not only display a product, but to also network and connect with other likeminded businesses is crucial to the growth of a company. Geeky Marketing played a significant role in choosing and helping Scavolini register for relevant exhibitions and expos in Vancouver. This brought about endless networking opportunities, partnerships and sales.



Another important aspect of our marketing plan was search engine optimization. By integrating SEO, we helped make sure Scavolini got significant recognition in search engines as well as within their industry.