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Company Profile

Siema Kitchen and Bath is the kitchen and bath expert in Vancouver, offering a showroom that provides the highest quality, most stylish fixtures and accessories imported from Europe.

For Siema, Geeky Marketing provided marketing services ranging from social media, to social media optimization. Our goal was to come up with a full range marketing plan that would help Siema become a pioneer within their industry in Vancouver.

Project Objectives

  • Apply a variety of current social media tactics to increase brand awareness
  • Implement search engine optimization (SEO) to attract clicks and sales
  • Create physical media to help expand the Siema brand

Using social media to create buzz

Through Instagram and Facebook, we were able to create engaging content that generated conversation, followers and exposure.

Using SEO to get to the top

By using the most relevant and current SEO techniques and keywords, we were able to get Siema to the top 3 organic search results with the simple search of “vanities Vancouver.”

Going from Digital to Physical Media

Creating a loyalty program and membership card was a part of our CRM plan for Siema. It was a way for customers to be rewarded with points on their card for every purchase, and have a  reason to keep shopping from Siema. This was the perfect way to manage and maintain the relationship between Siema and their loyal customers.

In addition, we created a print catalogue that clearly outlined important product details such as dimensions, materials and colours available. This catalogue was an easy way for industry professionals to acquire more information about the product, spark conversation with the professionals in the shop and measure units prior to installation/purchase.

We designed the catalogue with a clean, simple, and fresh look – one that gives off a light and airy feel. This was vital in order to stay true to Siema’s fresh and modern image.