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Client Overview

Street Madness is a mobile app game designed by Funtractive Entertainment, a start-up company located in North Vancouver. Street Madness is an addictive action packed shooter game that is inspired by popular car demolition games enjoyed by players for decades.

Project Objectives

Use social media marketing to:

  • Develop brand awareness
  • Promote sponsored posts
  • Increase downloads and user acquisition for Android and iOS

Developing brand awareness was important, as it generated downloads and word-of-mouth marketing through paid posts on Facebook.

Our sponsored posts ranged from original and funny memes made by Geeky Marketing, as well as Street Madness trailer videos, and short clips of the game in action. The meme posts went viral, generating over 90,000 likes total for two posts and over 8 million in reach for only 6 posts. This chain-reaction resulted in the Street Madness Facebook page acquiring over 5,000 likes in 2 days.

The aforementioned viral result of our social media marketing, resulted in over 14,000 Google Play downloads for Android and over 2,000 App Store downloads for Apple. We promoted Street Madness to 24 of the highest paying countries in the world, and the ones which most participate in the gaming culture.

iOS is highly used in Canada and the United States, however, in most other countries in the world it is Android that takes over the majority. Because of this, we see the downloads vastly increase within Android, Google Play and the demographic being concentrated within the Android community. This is incredibly important information as we now know who the Street Madness customers are and the types of mobile devices they use. This will help us better tailor our marketing to make future promotion materials more successful, detail oriented and engaging. This can be in the simple form of creating Android inspired memes for example, or further narrowing down our promotion materials based on country, location and age range now that this consumer information is available to us.