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Company Profile

ThinkFleet is a professional fleet management company that services small commercial businesses and works in the preventative maintenance of company vehicles. Their team is comprised of Red Seal licensed automotive technicians that have been in the automotive industry for over 22 years.

Project Objectives

  • Create a brand and logo for ThinkFleet that effectively connects to their target audience
  • Design and build a website that effectively communicates their services to visitors

Branding with a story

Broken down, the ThinkFleet logo takes a car tire track and a lightbulb, and mixes them together into one seamless element. This was meant to inspire potential customers to think of ThinkFleet, and associate them with their next fleet solution.

When branding a story for ThinkFleet, it was important to use a colour that would elicit positive emotions. The blue that was chosen is bright, friendly, loyal and inspires feelings of calmness and trustworthiness. In addition, blue is a favourite colour of most men who will most likely be using this service within the industry.

Our design approach was meant to differentiate our client from their competitors with a fresh, modern look that is seldom seen in the industry.

An informative, user-friendly website

When building the website, our top priority was ensuring it was functional and simply laid out, mainly due to the fact that we had to communicate a lot of information to the visitor. Information about the services they offer, how the process of fleet management works, and how professional fleet management can ease the work of other businesses is all neatly, visually organized to make it easy for viewers to process upon first glance.

The most important aspects of the ThinkFleet website were to make it functional, usable, and make the online experience for visitors a seamless, pleasant and hassle-free experience from the moment they enter the site to the moment they exit it.