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Company Profile

West Pacific Marine Ltd. is an experienced Vancouver Marine Consultancy based in British Columbia, offering a personal and professional level of service in all aspects of operational and commercial development in the marine industry.

Project Objectives

  • Create a thoroughly informative, easy to navigate website
  • Optimize with local on-page SEO to improve search engine rankings

Speaking industry language through web

Our goal with West Pacific Marine was to make the website thoroughly informative and easily laid out for visitors. It was supposed to speak the language of professionals within the industry effortlessly, and provide them the with the industry’s latest news and updates.

The website design was built around West Pacific Marine’s pre-existing logo, keeping an overall cohesive theme that is well interconnected, responsive and optimized for both mobile and desktop.

Local SEO for greater rankings

Optimizing West Pacific Marine with local on-page SEO was done with the goal of increasing their search engine rankings in order to grow their online presence and visibility. This helped our client come up significantly more in organic search results, as well as drive traffic to their website and offered services.