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Company Profile

“We live by the philosophy that we are not in the business of selling food, or wine, or service. We are in the business of creating happiness in people – food, wine, and service are our tools.

We buy only fresh ingredients; everything is cooked and prepared by our hands and our hearts. All recipes are original.”


Project Objectives

  • Design graphics for a multitude of platforms and media
  • Design a website that will focus on menu display and effective online ordering
  • Market Zeitoon in order to attract customers and grow engagement


Fluid Graphic Design

Our graphic design projects for Zeitoon Restaurant were created to be used across a wide range of platforms and media. From social media, website graphics, and digital advertisements all the way to print media like specials flyers and menus. This meant our work had to be fluid, working across many different medias, while staying consistent with the branding.


Web Design for Meaningful Navigation

The website was designed with a strong focus on the menu and online ordering, all created with UX and responsiveness in mind for a meaningful experience for online visitors. We created the menu to be engaging through photos, allowing for transparency, and for customers to have a personally relevant experience while on the website. Navigating the website is simple, and makes online ordering a fast and easy process for users of all ages and digital capability.


Marketing That Evolves

Marketing for Zeitoon Restaurant meant finding the right target demographic and expanding our tools and strategies in order to further attract online engagement and grow brand awareness and customer base. Through creating meaningful content to promote daily specials, events and holiday promotions, we were able to build a stable foundation which customers were able to easily recognize and connect to. This also allowed the marketing to organically grow.