Digital Media

01. Branding

Geeky Marketing will work with you closely to develop a brand identity that positions your company within the marketplace and distinguishes you from your competitors.

02. Web Design & Development

A quality website speaks to your target audience through your brand image and helps you develop important business relationships.

03. Graphic Design

We design attention-grabbing, relevant communication visuals that create instant impact in the ever-changing online world, helping you stay up to date with design trends.

04. UX/UI Design

We create a user-focused and seamlessly functional online experience to connect your target demographic with your brand.

05. Mobile App Development

Mobile applications seamlessly take your business to the next level while targeting customers on mobile devices.

Digital Marketing

01. Display Advertising

We use display ads and real analytics to carefully target your user demographics and drive direct sales towards your brand.

02. Search Engine Optimization

We drive traffic to your website and grow your search engine visibility through specific keywords unique to your industry.

03. Pay-Per-Click Marketing

We increase relevant traffic to your website through paid search engine advertising to attract visitors and convert them into potential clients.

04. Content Marketing

We create valuable and relevant content that informs and engages your niche market, while effectively promoting your brand.

05. Social Media Marketing

Our team helps you conquer your niche market across the most relevant social media and networking platforms.

06. Email Marketing

Email marketing effortlessly expands your brand awareness and develop relationships with your customers.


01. Business Strategy

We set up startups for success through optimization, customized business plans and ongoing consultations.

02. Brand Strategy

We build a timeless, unique identity and visual presence that differentiates you from your competitors.

03. Campaign Strategy

We use your brand story to engage your audience through thought provoking and creative advertising campaigns.

04. Content Strategy

Our content strategy focuses on written and visual content that sparks conversation and engages your target demographic.

05. Media Relations

We use media relations to help clients’ stories reach and resonate across the fast-changing media landscape.