Company Profile

ARCHIA is an experienced company in all aspects of development from acquisition and design, to construction and completion of real estate projects.

Brand Identity Refreshment

While we enjoy the challenge of creating a brand-spanking new identity, we are often faced with a project where a logo may already have equity. Many go by the rule, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. But for some identities there may be an opportunity for improvement when taking trends, demographics and style into consideration.

A logo refresh doesn’t mean leaving the goodwill, appeal, and nostalgia of the original behind–in fact it’s actually the opposite. A successful refreshed logo helps elevate the brand to a higher level yet keeps a connection to its previous version.

Below is what we have done for Archia.


Website Design & Development

What we have done for Archia from functionality and appearance to navigation and coding integrity, a lot came into creating an eye-catching, user-friendly website and It didn’t end there, either. Working on Design & development together helped us to produce a website, which is located by search engines, engage customers, and stimulate conversions.

Clean Design, Effective Color Scheme, Proper Branding, Functionality, Navigation, Usability, Call to Action, Short Loading Times, Active Blog, Clean, SEO-Friendly Code, Compatibility with Multiple Browsers, Mobile Sites vs. Responsive Sites, Integration with Social Media, Captcha Tests, Effective Security, Offsite Reviews, Customer Testimonials,  Google+ Author Verification, Tracking, Comprehensive Sitemap, Original Content and many more are the aspects we consider to develop a website.




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